Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Review

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IBO Speed: 310 FPS
Draw Length: 13-31”

Diamond Archery has made quite a name for itself in recent years. They produce several bows that cater to the specific needs of nearly any archer. One of their most recent and popular offerings is that of the Infinite Edge Pro.

The Infinite Edge Pro compound bow is often touted as being one of the most versatile options on the market. It features a staggering range of adjustability in both draw length and draw weight.

The Infinite Edge Pro serves as an extension of the enormously popular Diamond Edge platform. When Diamond released the original Edge several years ago, it singlehandedly revolutionized the archery industry. It offered a range of adjustability that few could fathom.

The Infinite Edge Pro has continued in this tradition, while also emphasizing performance-minded functionality.

Benefits of the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro

  • DRAW LENGTH: 13-31”
  • IBO SPEED: 310 FPS
  • MASS WEIGHT: 3.2 pounds
  • AXLE TO AXLE: 31”
  • DRAW WEIGHT: 5-70 pounds


Things To Know About the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro

Draw Weight and Draw Length Adjustment

Several technical points are worthy of mention regarding the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro. However, few are as buzzworthy as that of the Infinite Edge Pro’s highly variable level of draw weight and draw length adjustment. The Infinite Edge Pro’s adjustable draw weight ranges from 5-70 pounds, while its adjustable draw length ranges from 13 to 31 inches.

This significant range of adjustability makes the Infinite Edge Pro an excellent bow for young archers that still have quite a bit of growing to do. Gone are the days of being forced to trade out a youth model beginner bow for a full-sized model upon reaching physical maturity. Instead, the Infinite Edge Pro can “grow” with a young archer by making a few minor adjustments along the way.

It is also worth mentioning that adjustments to draw length and draw weight are quick and straightforward to make. This allows you to fine-tune the Edge Pro to your personal specifications on the fly. Draw weight adjustments are made by turning the limb bolt for each corresponding limb in a clockwise or counter-clockwise fashion.

Likewise, adjustments to the draw length of your Infinite Edge Pro bow can be made in minutes by rotating the bow’s cam modules. By simply removing two screws, rotating the module to its designated location along the cam, and tightening it in place, you can accommodate for shorter or longer draws.


With an IBO speed of 310 feet per second, the Infinite Edge Pro is also fast enough to cater to almost any specific purpose. Whether target shooting, hunting, or bowfishing, this Diamond bow is capable of handling nearly any task that it can be put up against.


The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro is also extremely lightweight. Tipping the scales at only 3.2 pounds, even smaller-framed adults or youth archers should have no problem packing this bow on long trips to the stand, or when spot-and-stalk hunting. Much of this minimization of weight comes as a product of Diamond’s use of an all-aluminum riser, with numerous, strategically placed cut-outs.

Axle-to-Axle Measurement

Another noteworthy characteristic of the Infinite Edge Pro is its rather compact 31-inch axle-to-axle measurement. This can come as a distinct advantage when hunting within the confines of a ground blind. Low roof clearances and limited window space can quickly become cumbersome to contend with when shooting a lengthier bow.

Brace Height

The 7” brace height featured in conjunction with the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro also comes as a major advantage. Brace height plays a vital role in the forgiveness of a bow, or lack thereof. As a general rule, the longer the brace height, the more forgiving a bow is to shoot. This makes it easier for an archer to group arrows with consistency. In recent years, it seems that 7” has become the benchmark for brace height, to which most bow manufacturers aspire.


Hands-On Testing of the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro

I recently had a chance to shoot the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro at my local Cabelas in Bowling Green, Kentucky. I was allowed to get a feel for this bow and the value it offered to consumers. The following are some of the observations that I made while putting the Infinite Edge Pro through its paces.

Fit and Finish

Upon handling the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro, I immediately noticed just how lightweight this bow really is. At only 3.2 pounds, it is almost hard to describe just how light this felt. It feels like the Infinite Edge Pro could be packed for miles without imparting any real level of hand or arm fatigue. This can be especially beneficial for smaller-framed adults or youth archers.

In regards to the Edge Pro’s looks, there is not anything especially memorable to note. While it is certainly not a bad looking bow, it would be quite a stretch to claim that the Edge Pro is stylish. This basic design does not have any bearing on the bow’s shootability, of course. This was just an honest observation.

At first glance, the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro’s grip did not look overly appealing. It appeared bulky and basic, even in relation to grips found on other diamond models throughout the years. I initially thought that hand torque would be an underlying issue for the Infinite Edge bow. Still, I wanted to reserve my final judgment in this regard until I was able to put the bow through its paces.

On the other hand, an overall look of quality was easily distinguishable in the Edge Pro. This has always been a high point for Diamond brand bows. I can’t recall a time when I have handled a single bow by Diamond where this did not apply. The overall clean finish that is typical of the company’s bows never ceases to amaze me.

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Bow


After tying on a D-loop and setting my peep sight in place, it was time to put the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro through its paces. Even before drawing the bow, I remarked to the archery tech at the range as to how fond I was of Diamond’s choice in wrist sling. Unlike the minimalist paracord wrist slings found on many bows, this particular model was sizable enough to lightly cradle the top of the wrist and was constructed of a neoprene-like material.

Upon drawing for the shot, I was greeted by an incredibly smooth draw cycle. There was also little to no noticeable cam lope as the bow entered the valley. This in itself offers a distinct advantage when bowhunting, as bows with a harsher draw can be nearly impossible to pull back under the watchful eye of nearby game.

As I settled at full draw, the presence of a rock-solid back wall could be felt instantly. This is one of my favorite characteristics found in conjunction with all Diamond bows, as a solid back wall produces a consistent anchor point upon every shot. This, in turn, exemplifies proper form and aids in an archer’s accuracy.

The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro’s outstanding 80 percent let-off factor also quickly became evident. Upon reaching full draw, very little force was required to remain in the valley. For bowhunters, this can be extremely helpful. A hunter must often wait out their game for a quality shot opportunity to present itself.

The Infinite Edge Pro operated smooth as silk when touching off my release and firing an arrow. Little to no audible noise could be heard during the shot, except for that of the arrow striking its intended target. This offers peace of mind to bowhunters, especially when taking lengthier shots at game when a whisper-quiet bow is everything.

There was also no notable hand shock to speak of when shooting the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro. Although the bow’s grip came off as being somewhat bulky and unappealing, it certainly did its job when cutting down on the transfer of kinetic energy from bow to the archer. This, in turn, yields a more comfortable shooting experience.

Straight off the shelf, I found the Infinite Edge Pro to be quite accurate. After simply setting the bow to my draw length, tying in a D-loop, and installing the provided peep sight, I was shooting two-inch groups at 20 yards. This “out of the box” accuracy gives further credence to Diamond’s promotion of the Infinite Edge Pro as being ready to hunt at the moment of purchase.

Bow Package Contents

The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro is offered in a fully outfitted package. It includes everything that an archer needs for their bow to be fully operable. By design, the Infinite Edge Pro is ready to hit the range or the woods in a matter of minutes, with nothing additional outside of arrows, heads, and a release needed.

Included in this package are a 3-pin Apex sight, Octane Octagon Hunting arrow rest, Octane Bantam 5 quiver, Octane Isolate 6 stabilizer, tube peep sight, string loop, and comfortable wrist strap. These accessories were hand-selected by Diamond for use with the Infinite Edge Pro and offer basic, reliable shootability.

However, like many package bows, the accessories with which the Infinite Edge Pro is outfitted, are somewhat subdued in their features and might be the source of the need for potential upgrades in the future. This is not to say that these components will not get the job done because they are as capable as any other accessories on the market. They just do so without as many bells and whistles.

The 3-Pin Apex bow sight included in this package, while quite basic, comes as an upgrade over the similar Tundra sight that Diamond had previously included with all of their package bows. For hunting, especially when shooting at conservative distances such as when in heavy cover, this Apex sight will likely serve an archer quite well. However, if your hunting takes place in open settings such as agricultural areas, or you intend to participate in a 3-D competition, upgrading to a sight with a greater number of pins is likely warranted.

I was quite pleased to see that Diamond has stuck to the use of a captive, Whisker Biscuit style arrow rest. These rests are extremely versatile and are favorites of beginners and experienced archers alike. The Octane Octagon rest keeps an archer’s arrow securely held in place until a shot is taken. This can be extremely helpful in a bowhunting situation when it is quite easy to inadvertently knock an arrow out of place.

While the Octane Isolate 6 stabilizer that is included in the Infinite Edge Pro package is also somewhat basic in nature, it serves its purpose and does so relatively well. The Infinite Edge Pro felt stable and very well balanced in hand. Vibration felt during the shot was also very minimal.

One upgrade that I would definitely make is concerned the Infinite Edge Pro’s tube peep sight. This style of peep sight relies upon a piece of rubber tubing for proper alignment when coming to full draw. While this style of peep sight is undoubtedly effective, this connective rubber tubing is prone to breakage, especially in cold weather, such as that faced when hunting. No one wants to have a deer standing within bow range, only to be hampered by a non-functional peep sight.


Custom Build Options

While the Diamond Infinite Edge will certainly make an excellent bow for virtually any archer, a few tweaks to its accessory package can easily take the Infinite Edge Pro’s performance to the next level. The following accessory packages will assist you in unlocking the Infinite Edge Pro’s true potential.

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Expert Bowhunting Custom Build

This accessory package will allow you to take to the woods with confidence that your Diamond Infinite Edge Pro will be at the top of its game. The Apex Gear Attitude Micro 5-Pin Bow Sight provides you with quick target acquisition, even at long range.

The inclusion of a G5 Outdoors Meta Pro Peep sight compliments this Apex sight, allowing for swift and simplified aiming. The addition of a Trophy Taker Smackdown LockUp Arrow Rest ensures that your accuracy is not plagued by excessive arrow-to-rest contact.


Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Expert Target Archery Custom Build

This accessory package will take your Infinite Edge Pro’s performance to the next level, and serve as a complement to your target archery prowess. The TRUGLO Archer’s Choice Range Rover Sight utilizes an illuminated, variable intensity aiming dot, to enhance accuracy.

Meanwhile, the R.A.D. Trio Peep Sight mounts securely within your bowstring’s fibers, providing consistent and reliable performance. Additionally, the Vapor Trail Limb Driven Gen 7 Drop-Away Rest eliminates fletching contact upon releasing your shot.


The History of Diamond Archery

Unlike many of the giants within today’s bow manufacturing industry, Diamond Archery’s history is not necessarily a lengthy one. However, the company rose to mainstream notoriety far more quickly than perhaps any other compound bow manufacturer to date.

Diamond Archery was founded in 1996 by Josh Halbert and Gary Green. Although standing firmly in the shadows of renowned companies such as Hoyt, Mathews, and Bear Archery, Diamond Archery gained a loyal following in rapid succession.

By the turn of the new millennium, Diamond had begun to draw a notable amount of attention within the industry. It had garnered a reputation for quality craftsmanship. Even larger competitors had started to take note of the fledgling company’s progress, with none other than industry powerhouse, Bowtech, taking an especially keen interest.

Within months, Bowtech had successfully acquired Diamond Archery and designated the company as one of its house brands. Diamond Archery has operated under the umbrella of Bowtech ever since and has quickly become one of the top holders of the annual compound bow market share.


Final Thoughts

After being given a chance to study the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro and put it through its paces, I must say that I am more than impressed. This bow serves as the perfect balance between efficiency and value, showcasing next-level performance at a price point that is affordable on most budgets.

The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro features a smooth draw on par with many bows that cost twice as much and comes fully outfitted with a full range of useful accessories. It will get you to the range or the woods much faster than you ever thought possible. When you also consider that the Edge Pro features a full range of adjustability that most bows on the market can only dream of, it is hard to imagine that a better value exists.

If you are in the market for a new bow and want to get the most bang for your buck, the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro should be at the very top of your list. It’s one of the best compound bows on the market.

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