How to Prepare for Spring Turkey Season In 4 Simple Steps

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As the seasons change, your mind might be focused on the future hunting opportunities that are going to present themselves soon.

Knowing how to prepare for spring turkey season can help make sure that your hunting game is already at its peak by the time you get to the actual season.

This is just an extra step that you can take for the next hunting season.

Prepare for Spring Turkey Season

Check Out These Prep Steps

1. Prep Your Gear

The first thing that you will want to do when you’re getting ready for the spring turkey season is to check on all the gear that you currently own. If this is your first season hunting turkeys, then you will want to check and see if the weapons that you have are going to work for turkey hunting.

You will also want to check for decoys and other items that you might need. This includes gear that will help keep you concealed. Having the right gear can really make the difference when you’re getting out into the wilderness.

However, if this isn’t your first year, but maybe the second, then you might just want to check on all of your gear. You’ll want to make sure that everything is in proper, working order. You don’t want to get caught at the beginning of the season with gear that won’t work the optimal way. This can also let you know if there are any extensive repairs that you need to have done.

2. Target Practice

Turkey Hunting with Gun

While you might be thinking that prepping for the season is just about stuff that you can do from the comfort of a chair, you’ll want to try and do a little bit more than that. By going to a range or creating a range on your own property, you’ll be able to practice your aim.

Getting used to your weapons again or keeping up your practice with the weapons is a great way of making sure that you’re ready for the season. You may even be able to keep your skills sharp across all seasons by participating in regular target practice.

Of course, the idea of just shooting targets by yourself might not seem that appealing. You may be able to join competitions for firing guns. These tournaments will keep your shooting skills sharp and also appeal to your sense of competition.

However, you decide to keep your skills sharp, you might want to make sure that you are testing the limits of your skill to make sure that you’re going to be able to get the turkey from whatever direction they come.

3. Locate the Turkeys

Scouting is part of your hunting experience. You’ll want to get out there and look at the habitat before you actually out there and trying to hunt. You may find that it’s useful to use cameras in the area where you know the turkeys are if you don’t have tons of time to hang out in the area all the time.

You may need to use some calls, both turkey and otherwise, to see where the turkeys are and get a better understanding of the group that you are going to be hunting.

However, when you are trying to locate your turkeys and understand where they are, you will want to be careful about how much noise you are making and what you are doing. If you spook them too much or go about this wrong, then you’re going to teach the turkeys what to expect and where you are going to be.

By teaching them, you’ll make it harder during the season for your hunting. So make sure that you’re careful and stealthy when you’re doing scouting. You’re there to learn, not teach the turkeys.

4. Work on Calls and Tactics

Turkey Hunting Tactics

As part of scouting, you’ll get a better idea of the area that you are going to be hunting in and where you are going to be able to direct the turkeys as you try to hunt them. There’s a lot of ways that you’ll be able to figure out a plan. But making the plan is something that you should be doing long before the season starts.

Make sure that you know your calls as well. Practicing turkey calls can help factor into the plans that you make and how you draw out the turkeys. There are many different calls that you are going to be able to use, so don’t just focus on one. Make sure that you know other calls.

As part of your plans as well, you may be interested in trying to incorporate decoys into your plan. You can use them and a combination of calls to draw turkey away and get a good shot at them.

There are many different ways to get the turkeys out into the open. You’ll find that you’re going to have to work with what you have to get the most out of your season. Having a plan ahead of time can really make sure that the experience goes so much smoother, though.


When you look to the future hunting season, you shouldn’t be nervous. You just need to know how to prepare for spring turkey season. This information will serve you well and make sure that you are ready for the hunting season. You’ll want to be on your best game when you’re getting into the season. This will mean that you’ll waste less time getting into the swing of things and come back with more game.

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